Atlas Roll-Off has a dumpster rental service that stretches through the New York area. Roll-Off dumpsters are typically the largest capacity containers available for use. A dumpster is a mobile garbage bin that is perfect for construction sites, moving sites, or any situation where large amounts of garbage will need to be disposed of. These sorts of containers can only be moved and transported by specially designed dump trucks.

Dumpsters can be used for a few reasons and it is important to have some general dumpster information before renting in NYC, Brooklyn and Queens.

Where to Place Dumpsters

Upon rental, most homeowners put the dumpster in their driveway. However, before placing there, make sure the driveway has a firm foundation or the weight of the truck and the loaded container may damage or even break the driveway. The dumpster can also be placed on the lawn, though damage to the lawn will surely occur and leave ruts in some cases. If you are worried about damaging your property by renting one of our dumpsters, air on the side of caution and get a smaller dumpster. This way you will have less of a hassle potentially dealing with damaging property.

If you are not a homeowner and are looking to place in the street, you will most likely need a permit. These permits can be expensive, so check with your local town hall or town supervisor to ensure you are going about dumpster rental properly. Generally, acquiring a permit depends on where the dumpster is placed. We provide NYC DOT permits for those looking our dumpster rental services for the New York area to help you better understand where to properly place dumpsters.. 

What Not to Place in Dumpsters

No chemicals, liquids or special wastes, such as pesticides or wet paint are allowed in a dumpster. These items could damage the integrity of our dumpsters. Electronics and tires are also items prohibited from being placed in a dumpster. If prohibited items are found in the dumpster upon pick up, it could lead to the truck driver from refusing to pick up the dumpster or an extra charge to you for the extra work needed to clear our the dumpster. Either way, it is a liability you do not have to have. For your own sake, make sure to be placing only the allowed items into our dumpsters.

If you live in New York (NYC, Queens, Brooklyn) and have any questions about our dumpster rental service or about our dumpsters in general, please contact us today. We have years of experience providing people with quality and affordable dumpster rentals.