Construction Gravel

Construction gravel, or also known as construction aggregate, is a category of particulate materials that covers a broad range of sizes. Construction projects can used gravel that is aggregated with sand, crushed stone, slag or recycled concrete. Aggregates are simply a component of composite materials and serve as a reinforcement to add strength to the overall composite material. Due to this benefit, it is very popular on construction sites. Construction aggregate is commonly used as a base material under foundations, roads and railroads. This is due to the stability it provides for the workers to build upon. It is also a low-cost material to work with and binds well with concrete and asphalt, which are more expensive materials to work with.

Gravel Sources

There are three main areas where these basic materials are sourced:

  1. Mining of mineral aggregate deposits: sand, gravel and stone.
  2. Waste slag used after the manufacturing of iron and steel
  3. Recycling of concrete

These areas supply a vast majority of aggregate used, but some minor materials are also used as more specialty lightweight aggregates, including clay, pumice, perlite and vermiculite. Construction gravel is popular due to its cheaper costs and high flexibility. It can be sourced from different locations, but used effectively with both concrete and asphalt.

Modern Production 

Modern blasting techniques spawned the creation of quarries around the world. Effective methods were put in place to extract many different types of bedrock deposits. Quality materials to use in construction, such as marble, granite and limestone, do not exist. But sand and gravel are much more readily available and can be mined for use as aggregate. Construction aggregate can also be shipped to places where it is needed at a more efficient cost. Aggregate may not be a large scale solution for the lack of better materials, but it can certainly get the job done in many instances.

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